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Auto clicker For Linux

XClicker is an open-source, easy to use, feature-rich and blazing fast Auto clicker for linux desktops using x11.

It is written in C and uses the gtk framework. The user-interface may look different depending on what gtk theme you are using.

Easy to use

XClicker is has a fairly simple layout that's easy to navigate.

Safe Mode

Safe Mode to protect from unwanted behavior when starting the auto clicker.

Autoclick with Time Interval

Customize the time interval between each click to suit your needs.

Choose Mouse Button

Select your preferred mouse button (Left, Right, Middle) for clicking actions.

Click Type

Define the click type (Single, Double, Hold) for precise control over your clicks.

Click at Specified Location

Specify a precise location on your screen for XClicker to perform clicks.

Randomize Click Interval

Add variability to click intervals with randomization for more natural behavior.

Click While Holding Hotkey

Execute clicks by holding down a customizable hotkey for greater control.

Custom Start/Stop Hotkey

Assign your preferred hotkey combination to start and stop XClicker.

Changing settings

You can access the settings menu by pressing the Settings button located in the bottom right corner. Here, you can disable Safe Mode. Additionally, within the settings, you can configure a custom keybind for your convenience.

Once you've adjusted your settings, simply exit the settings menu. Changes are saved automatically, so there's no need to worry about manual saves.

Video example

Here, you can watch an example video of me demonstrating XClicker in action. The video showcases XClicker being used to automate actions in Minecraft on Linux. You'll see how XClicker seamlessly performs clicks according to your specified settings, making repetitive tasks a breeze.

Sadly the audio dissapeared in the editing process, but the footage still works.

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